Action Plan

This is the August 2017 version of the WSGA Action Plan, it is presented here for information only and is not updated on this site.




Action points





Promoting the importance of governors and governing boards Meet with Director of Education and Skills and Governor Services (GS) at least termly to ensure governors and governing boards are represented

Collect the views of governors at every opportunity

Offering different forums through which WSGA can receive and disseminate information to and from local governors Offer a series of seminars in the Autumn and Summer  terms at appropriate venues

Review offer – should seminars be offered to all governors across county or within Areas or Localities?

Maintain and update website presence

Explore with GS update of WSGA activities in Governance Briefings

Further develop use of Twitter (@WS_GA) and Facebook

Explore additional forums – is it worthwhile attending termly governance briefings?


Autumn 2017




Influencing local education policy and strategy through active engagement with LA Ensure all LA departments know that WSGA exists and that we are always involved in relevant consultations t an early stage

Ensure engagement with Headteacher groups – we are greater than the sums of our parts

Continue role of election/appointment to Education and Skills Forum (ESF)

Develop closer relationship with ESF

Supporting governing boards to aim for high standards of governance and to raise standards in their schools Share relevant information on website

Assure relevance and quality of Governor Services Training

Assure relevance of WSGA events including Open Meeting at AGM to standards of governance and standards in schools

Promote engagement with Link Advisers

Influencing national policy through relevant channels Continue annual  subscription to membership of NGA

Attend annual conferences

Attend regional conferences

Respond to NGA consultations

Respond to relevant DfE consultations

Remind all governors/governing boards to respond to relevant consultations