NGA South East Regional Meeting

National Governance Association South East Regional Meeting

October 2018

Discussion covered:

  • The website upgrade which may include a ‘library’ and Webinars facility
  • DfE consultation on Relationship and Sex Education – changes to be implemented September 2020. Could the DfE produce a Primary scheme of work? Probably better to buy in support rather than relying on volunteers to deliver SRE.
  • School finances and curriculum planning – LA services and CPD attract a cost
  • Responsibility for wellbeing of pupils and staff
  • Increased wellbeing and mental health issues is leading to higher numbers of exclusions

Policy update:

  • Annual governance survey result – GBs reducing in size
  • Complaints guidance to be updated in January 2019

Effective practice:

  • Integrated curriculum and finance planning – use spreadsheets to demonstrate impact of changing subject budgets
  • SEND and governance/DfE Estates Management guidance – published and should be considered

Comments raised by governors:

  • Timetabling in a primary MAT, with teachers not attached to a classroom, has saved money.
  • What if all schools set a deficit budget? As long as we are all diligent and reduce staff, the DfE will assume we have enough money.

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